Posters and Prints

Framing Ideas

Framing suggestions from Suzanne Rende 
Owner “The Artful Nest”, Marietta PA

Here are some ideas for framing posters or prints which are not standard size. 

The first is a custom frame. I recommend a local framing business in your area. There you will find creative people who know how to choose a frame to enhance the artwork and add value to your purchase.

The second option is buy a standard frame close to the size of the print and have a custom mat cut to surround the print but fill the frame. A frame shop or Michael’s will do this. I have seen a shop on Etsy that does this too. The shop is called Matboardshop. You give them dimensions, pick a color and they cut the mat and ship it to you. 

The third option is to buy frame sections. You can buy two packages of two frame sections to fit the print. One package in each size. You can find these on (in wood and metal) and in art supply stores.

Another solution would be a floating frame. A floating frame is a frame with two panes of glass that you sandwich a print between. So you would order a frame larger than the print. The space around the print is just clear glass. You can find these on Amazon. 

Last thing I can think of is if you know someone handy, have a frame made.